Continuation 4: 4. The resolution of the moral conflict: Jesus

800 years port of Hamburg, May 1989
800 years port of Hamburg, May 1989

removes these doubts, he is allowed to heal, and he grants the sick person forgiveness of sins.

5. The resolution of the inner conflict: The sick person is now freed from the stigma that he himself is to blame for his illness, but he is not yet healed.

Is the forgiveness of sins only a pious saying after all? The scribes, 2:6-7, and Jesus himself, 2:8-9, feel this way, therefore he affirms his will to heal.


Continuation 3: In addition to the external level (the sick person and Jesus)

Hamburg, Außenalster
Hamburg, Außenalster

and the inner level (faith of the sick person and Jesus’ will to heal) there is now a third level, the moral one.

Here the question is asked: Is it allowed to heal, is Jesus allowed to intervene in the divine order? Does Jesus not criticize the divine creation as unfinished?

Doesn’t Jesus criticize God as a bungling creator, who left a half-finished creation to man, so that man could complete it?


Continuation 2: 3. The Moral Conflict: In 2:1-12, the most detailed

Hamburg, Außenalster
Hamburg, Außenalster

healing story in Mark, the reader expects a quick healing after the sick man’s helpers went to so much trouble to bring him to Jesus.

But Jesus makes the reader squirm. Like in a beautiful romance novel, where the lovers are in each other’s arms only after many obstacles and misunderstandings, Mark builds delays into the plot to increase the tension.