15.   The passion legends

S. Franzisco, Quito, Ecuador
S. Franzisco, Quito, Ecuador

Right from the start, the passion narrations according to Mark and the other gospels were holy texts,

destined for reading aloud at the services of the early Christians. The Holy Communion was celebrated in the form of the tradition according to the gospels. Scenes such as the Triumphal Entry, Jesus before Pilate, the Crucifixion, and sometimes the whole passion were played.

The details of the passion legends are from the traditions of the individual churches, hence the critical statements about the respective apostle competitors. Only a few details are based on history. The whole literary unit was formed in order to serve as devotional literature for the early Christians.

1.  From the church of Peter came the narratives of the Lord’s Supper and the betrayal by Judas. The story of the betrayal held the rebels, who followed Judas of Galilee, responsible for the execution of Jesus.

2. The Jewish Christians of the church of James did not forgive Peter his own Messianic claims and interpreted it as denial of Jesus. They worshipped the suffering Jesus and pointed out the suffering and Jesus’ despair in Gethsemane.