The tradition of the Baptist Christians is about dying and resurrection

Berlin, Potsdamer Strasse, 12.11.1989
Berlin, Potsdamer Strasse, 12.11.1989

in baptism. The old pre-Christian man is to die and the new Christian stage of life is to begin. Symbols for this are the seed, which enables the emergence and growth of the new plant, or the stages of human life.

Mark varies the theme of the seed in the 1st Anabaptist-Christian passage and introduces the understanding of parables, 4:1-34.

Step by step he leads the reader to the understanding of the parables and the gradual growth of the Christian faith, which prepares the dying of the pre-Christian man in baptism.

Mark leads to the understanding of the calming of the storm as a parable for baptism. The disciples almost die, Jesus gives them new life, the same happens to the baptized, 4:35-41.