Church of St. James 3: Then hope sprouts up again for Jesus. Pilate

Hamburg, Katharinenkirche
Hamburg, Katharinenkirche

holds him innocent, 15:2-5, and the people ask for a show of mercy for the feast, 15:8.

But hope is short-lived; Jesus’ suffering continues, first the mental: the crowd is incited and turns away from Jesus, 15:13. Pilate is cowardly and submits to the will of the crowd, 15:15.

Then follows the physical suffering: Jesus is condemned, mocked, beaten, crucified. Also the passers-by mock him, at last the fellow crucified. Even nature (the sun) turns away, 15:16-33.

One cannot sink any lower. Jesus dies, 15:37. End of the Passion, end of the Jewish-Christian part of the Passion.

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