Today I interrupt the normal text to tell something about myself.

Johannes Neumann in Machu Picchu
Johannes Neumann in Machu Picchu

I am Johannes Neumann, I live near Dresden in Germany. Since my youth I have been interested in Christianity, its origin and the Bible.

Besides the Bible, I am interested in science, in natural science and its history, in astronomy, in Nicolaus Copernicus, in Galileo Galilei, in Isaac Newton, in Albert Einstein. Everywhere nature follows certain rules, which we call laws of nature. When the sky is clear and the weather is not too cold, I like to look through my small telescope to observe the moon and stars.

I am especially happy about every single person who reads my blog and writes comments. It is great if you put a link to my blog on your homepage or recommend me in your Facebook group. I want my theses to become even better known so that they can find their way into the discourse of theology.

If you want to support me, you can find a donation account on the front page of my blog. You can find my books on www.johannesneumann.com

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