In the 1st part of the Gospel of Mark there are three blocks of tradition,

Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate, 11.11.1989
Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate, 11.11.1989

beginning with healing miracles 1:21, with parables 4:1 and with natural miracles 6:30.

These tradition blocks of the James Christians, the Anabaptist Christians and the Peter Christians are divided into a 1st section, in which Jesus is recognized as the sovereign victor, 2:17; 4:41; 7:37.

In a 2nd section, the separation from the opponents is at the end, 3:6; 6:3; 8:15, and the turning to the disciples. In a 3rd section, special material of the individual church is added.

In the 4th block of passages follows the tradition of the Jewish Christians about Judea and Jerusalem, from 10:1, to which there is no equivalent of the Anabaptist and Peter Christians. Jesus’ work in Jerusalem marks the climax and conclusion of his ministry in public.

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