The fragmentation of Christians into three individual churches

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, 11.11.1989
Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, 11.11.1989

is to be ended with the Gospel of Mark. The unified Christian church is to take its place, 9:6.

Mark divides the Gospel into two parts: 1. the triumph of Jesus chapters 1-12 and 2. the suffering of Jesus chapters 13-16,8. The verses 16,9-20 are not included in the oldest manuscripts, they were added to the Gospel later.

Characteristics of the structure are the superscription 1:1, which also applies to part 1 (gospel), and the subheading in 13:1-2 for part 2 (suffering), the key word arche (beginning, foundation) from 1:1 is repeated in 13:8.

Further formal characteristics are the four disciples Peter, Andrew, James, John in 1:16.19 and 13:3, the prophecy in 1:2-3 from the Old Testament and in 13 the prophecies of Jesus as well as the addressing of the themes of part 1 (gospel) and part 2 (suffering) at the beginning of the respective part.

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