Today I interrupt the normal text to tell something about myself.

Johannes Neumann, the author of the blog
Johannes NeumannJohannes Neumann, the author of the blog

I am Johannes Neumann, I am 72 years old, I live near Dresden in the country of Saxony in Germany. Since my youth I have been interested in Christianity, its origin and the Bible.

While studying Protestant theology, I had doubts whether the biblical account of the origin of Judaism and Christianity corresponded to the historical truth. Later I studied history and dealt with the poetry of the Greeks and Romans. My hobbies are cycling and jogging, in winter alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.

I am especially happy about every single person who reads my blog and writes comments. It is great if you put a link to my blog on your homepage or recommend me in your Facebook group. I want my theses to become even better known so that they can find their way into the discourse of theology.

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