11. Jesus as god: the church’s working model of the divinity of Jesus, which is binding doctrine,

S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador
S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador

was the philosophical model of the complete separation of the divine and human nature of Jesus.

This model corresponds with the worshipping of the Roman emperor Augustus. His human nature was never doubted, but, in the activities of Augustus the human being, the people saw the divine powers acting and worshipped Augustus like a god.

In the doctrine of the church the human nature of Jesus has been kept philosophically untouched. This included, and still includes, his suffering and his integration into the causality of the world, which can be searched for and explained.

In the activities of Jesus as a human being the Christians saw – as the Romans did in Augustus – benevolent acts of divinity; they worshipped him as a god from the start.

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