6. Groups of Christian women, Mary, refused the damnatio memoriae,

S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador
S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador

which was connected with the crucifixion and supported an honourable burial, so that after the death the soul could settle down into the underworld, see Sophocles, Antigone. For annual celebrations of the yearly passion of Jesus a cenotaph (empty tomb) was erected.

7. Easter: the church of John, which had seen Jesus as example for a new beginning in one’s lifetime, had visions of Jesus. Here the kingdom of God was internalised. Jesus made possible an internal, psychological new beginning.

8.  Pentecost: in the era of Pisces which was just beginning, the church of Peter saw a sign of Heaven; in Jesus they saw the foretold ruler from Judea. Here the kingdom of God was postponed to the (near) future and connected with the hope of a new creation.

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