16.   Summary: steps of Jesus’ admiration

S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador
S. Augustin, Quito, Ecuador

Galilee at the time of Jesus can be seen as a miniature model of the Roman Empire

as regards East-West differences, the social classes and the different cultures. Moreover, the transition from the rule of the aristocracy to the monarchy was going on there and in Rome at the time of the emperor Augustus.

What did Jesus achieve? He created the basics of a homogeneous culture – later called Christian – for Galilee, which balanced the cultural and social differences and served as an example for the whole Roman Empire.

The religious trans­formation of Jesus’ culture was realized by the apostles; the writers of the gospels turned it into properly formulated literature.

1.  Good governor in Galilee: Jesus realized his ideals of prosperity and reconciliation in the earthly Galilee, especially in the city of Tiberias, the example of the new society. A lot of people who reaped the benefits of his new policy admired him.

2.  Tetrarch elected by the citizens (Messiah) in Caesarea Philippi.

3.  Revolt: the people hoped Jesus would be the expected Messiah for all Israel.

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