5. Herod Antipas, too, got his just punishment;

La Compania, Quito, Ecuador
La Compania, Quito, Ecuador

at least that is how the people saw it according to the record of Josephus, Ant. 18, 5, 2. In the Armenia crisis and in the Jesus revolt, the Nabataean king Aretas, whose daughter the tetrarch had disowned in order to marry Herodias, saw his chance to take revenge for the humiliation of his daughter without fear of Roman repayment.

Aretas made war on Herod Antipas and defeated the army of the prince, who lodged a complaint against the Nabataean with Tiberius. Before Vitellius could go ahead with the obligatory punishment, Tiberius died.

6. On 16 March 37 CE the emperor Tiberius died in Misenum in Campagna, Italy. He was very unpopular even among the Romans. The disrespectful people of the capital sang: Tiberium in Tiberum. May Tiberius be thrown into the Tiber River!

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