13. Back to international affairs: In 35/36 CE the Roman emperor Tiberius expelled the Parthians from Armenia by Roman allies

Volcano Pichincha, descent to the hot spring
Volcano Pichincha, descent to the hot spring

and brought the Parthian king Artabanos III. into a tight corner with the initially successful counter-king Tiridates. Tiberius appointed Vitellius as legate in Syria and chief of the Roman armies against the Parthians.

14. Pilate closely watched the crisis in Armenia and the events in the Parthian Empire. He had to make amends with the emperor because of his close contacts with the overthrown Seian, and he had decided to do it as soon as possible.

Pilate knew the danger which came from news about Parthian victories and Roman defeats. In his eyes, the people from the Orient and in particular the Jews were fly-by-nights who needed to be shown Roman authority.

While the rebels dreamed of Parthian victories, Pilate knew the latest news, and it was good news for Rome.

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