5. The accusation against the governor is sacrilege

Volcano Pichincha, descent to the hot spring
Volcano Pichincha, descent to the hot spring

(1 Kings 21, 10, Mark 14, 64), a tried and tested means in the political intrigues of the time. The philosopher Socrates was also accused of blasphemy. And as legend has it the Delphinians set a trap for Aesop, the teller of fables, accused him of sacrilege and stoned him to death.

6. The toppling of Jesus was successful; his killing, if it was intended, was not. In 1 Kings 13 the king Jeroboam raised his hand against a man of God: his hand became paralysed so that he could not draw it back.

The eyes and ears of a ruler are his informers, his hands are his policemen. The police of the king in the narration of the Old Testament disobeyed the order. Maybe Herod Antipas was in the same situation, for the miracle Mark 3, 1ss hints at 1 Kings 13.

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