The religious apostle churches brought the full range of ancient folk religiousness and pagan superstition into Christianity.

Volcano Pichincha, crater floor
Volcano Pichincha, crater floor

The Christian Baptists came from the mystery religions; Peter had a partiality for astrology. Calling him a “fisher” means not his profession, but his astrological hope that the kingdom of heaven would come with the era of Pisces (spring sign of the zodiac) in his lifetime.

Early Christians used a fish as a cryptogram or symbol for Christ or Christianity before they used the cross. Christian women, who were often named Mary after Mary the Jewess, a famous alchemist of Hellenistic Egypt, brought mystic alchemist ideas into Christian thought.

During missionary work the apostle churches met and came to appreciate each other, Mark 9, 38-40. But even in the gospels the reservations against single apostle churches or groups of Christians are clear: the Judas Christians were called traitors, the church of Peter was accused of denying the Lord, the churches of James and John were accused of lusting for power, Mark 10, 35-45.

Wanting to compare himself with Jesus, Peter sank into the water like an ordinary human being, Matt 14, 30; in the narration of Stilling the Storm all disciples are helpless without Jesus.

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