Writer for letters to authorities, Calle Ayacucho, Cusco, Peru, 1989
Writer for letters to authorities, Calle Ayacucho, Cusco, Peru, 1989

Although the brain is a very expensive organ that consumes a considerable amount of energy, there has been a steady increase in brain size during evolution. According to Robin Dunbar, the larger brain of monkeys serves to establish social relationships with a larger number of individuals and to form a larger stable social group.

In the evolution of humankind, brain volume increased further but was limited by the width of the birth canal of women. This natural limit of brain growth was first circumvented by the postnatal growth phase of the child’s brain.

When these opportunities for brain enlargement were exhausted, evolution found a second way to overcome the limitations of the hominid brain. The brain of the individual did not grow any further but did communicate in a new manner with the brains of other group members, so that knowledge and tasks could be shared between the group members.

In this way, a network as we know it from PC networks, was created. With a larger postnatally completed and networkable brain, the biological premise for the evolution of the human mind was established. This is what we will now address.

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