3. The human brain must have developed in a different way.

Parade, Cusco, Peru, 27. 8. 1989
Parade, Cusco, Peru, 27. 8. 1989

Of course, criticising a solution is easy and only makes sense if you have a better solution to offer. That was the reason why the previous attempts to find a solution for the Münchhausen model failed or were not found.

If the human mind or culture was not the decisive factor in the development of the human brain, what was it? Since, according to the theory, there is no targeted evolution, the trigger needs to be sought in the population of early hominids. In terms of the solution, I will rely on the research done by primate researchers. I refer to the hypotheses starting with number 9.

4. If the brain and the mind were not created together, another problem arises: What prompted the human brain to take on the additional task of becoming the seat of the human mind, language, consciousness, culture, in addition to its original function?

There must be a concrete reason for this change of function, which in turn should not be conclusive but rather must be recognisable on the basis of the populations of early humans existing at that time. Refer to hypothesis 13ff.

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