The Canadian Merlin Donald believes he can prove that human culture and brain

Archbishop's Palace, formerly Inca Roca Palace, Cusco, Peru
Archbishop's Palace, formerly Inca Roca Palace, Cusco, Peru

have developed together in co-evolution.

The American Michael Tomasello, a researcher in Leipzig, believes that joint work and target-oriented joint activities were the decisive impulses on the path to a human culture.

There are thus two exponents who worked out concepts for the evolution of the human mind: Donald from an idealistic philosophical perspective and Tomasello from a behavioural perspective. Both refer to Darwin’s theory of evolution and to the latest scientific findings on evolution.

Both theories are particularly interesting and, in many ways, instructive, however neither of them has received the general recognition that would be comparable to the recognition of the physical evolution of human beings.

A new solution to the problem of the brain-mind evolution is presented below. To this end, it must first be asked why the previous attempts to find a solution are to be regarded as failures. It can be shown that all results to date have been based on the same approach to solving the issue. However, this proves to be unsustainable. In contrast to previous solutions, the evolution of the brain and the mind are treated separately. The text is divided into individual hypotheses, each of which succinctly formulates a point of argument and is then briefly explained.

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