Today a new theme begins: The emergence of the human mind, the human consciousness. The motto:

Gold Death Mask, Lima, Peru
Gold Death Mask, Lima, Peru

Science can be so exciting
– if it is open-ended
– if you don’t know the results beforehand
– if the results are not prescribed by the prevailing opinion.

The networked brain

A Darwinian explanation of the human mind

The idea: The brains of people in a social group work together as a network – like computer networks. The human mind emerged from the network communication of early groups of people.


In science, there is considerable consensus about the evolution of the human body.

Charles Darwin asked about the missing link, in the evolution between our apish ancestors and today’s human beings.

Like his research colleagues all over the world, the German paleoanthropologist Friedemann Schrenk is able to refer to a considerable number of bone findings from prehistoric and early humans. The findings began in 1856 with the remains of early humans that were found near Düsseldorf and named Neanderthals after their location at which they were found.

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