My letter to the editor of 5 February 2008 (continued):

Young blue-footed boobies, Isabela, Galapagos
Young blue-footed boobies, Isabela, Galapagos

As a result of precession the constellations shift. From about 4400 B.C. to 2200 B.C. the constellation “Taurus” was the spring constellation, from about 2200 B.C. until the birth of Christ the “Aries” (Aries Point). Afterwards it was until today the “Pisces”, which are replaced now by the “Aquarius” (Aquarius Age).


The spring constellations gave their names to the ages and were alive in the culture of the time. The rule is: As above so below, as in heaven so on earth (Matthew 6:10).


The Minoans and the Egyptians, whose cultures originated in the time before 2200 BC, worshipped the bull (Taurus), the Greeks and the Hebrews, whose cultures were founded after 2200 BC, the ram (Aries, Golden Fleece, Passover lamb), the Christian apostles, who proclaimed a new era after the turn of time, are called “fishermen”, the fish (Pisces) was the identification mark of Christians in antiquity.

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