“Science dies of oxygen deficiency without a fight.” (Christian Benne, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5 September 2018).

Sea lion, Rápida, Galapagos August 1989
Sea lion, Rápida, Galapagos August 1989

I would like to make one thing clear here:


I am not important.
My theses are not important.
But Jesus’ message of reconciliation is important.
This message of Jesus is great, it is a great cultural heritage of mankind.


Jesus’ message of reconciliation does not deserve to atrophy in the ivory towers of the theologians as a museum exhibit. In contrast to some theology professors, the Jesus message does not have to fear the rough wind of critical science, the critical inquiries of the opponents of Christianity.


Jesus’ message is radical and political. It needs the fresh wind of criticism in order to reach people again and again. When the social, the political message of Jesus is robbed of its political dimension by the reconciliation and is tamed and contained as religion, it atrophied.


What are the churches and theologians afraid of when they monopolize the study of the Bible and Original Christian tradition in the theological faculties and departments? Why are only Christians (and Jews) allowed to study the Bible scientifically?


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