If one presents a text to the theologians for examination, then they do not ask whether the text is conclusive in itself, perhaps contains new ideas that could advance science.

Sea lion babies, Rápida, Galapagos August 1989
Sea lion babies, Rápida, Galapagos August 1989

No, they only ask how the new text relates to the school opinion of the theological direction to which they belong. Conformity is required, dissenters are punished with the end of their career. My theses have already failed once.


Now it starts: The deviator and everything foreign that contradicts the Christian truth to be preserved are mercilessly beaten up. Of course, while maintaining good manners! A holy wrath seizes the letter writer, one literally sees the devil personally, who hides under the cloak of scientific arguments and who has to be fled with the inkwell.


After all the unchristian things have been combated in such a way, the letter-writer returns to his desk satisfied, his anger is gone, he can calmly introduce the poor ignorant questioner to the basics of the right teaching. The own school tradition is affirmed, so to speak the own creed is recited in order to assure oneself of one’s orthodoxy.


The conclusion of the reply letter is the caring to urgent invitation to think about one’s own salvation (for students and doctoral students: one’s own career planning), to renounce evil, and to adopt the only beatifying views of one’s own school tradition of the letter writer.

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