Request for comments …, my cover letter of March 12, 2018

Dear lady, dear sir,

… The figure of Jesus is still an unsolved mystery and an exciting task for New Testament Science.

Bucanero in front of Isabela, Galapagos August 1989
Bucanero in front of Isabela, Galapagos August 1989

I have tried to carry out the project of the historical Jesus as a historical project, a scientific, reason-based project that serves scientifically objective and neutral in value to search for the historical beginnings of Christianity. In particular, my aim is to make the emergence of the Christian religion plausibly understandable to sceptical Christians and those who are far from the church.

My question to you:

Is it possible to have a conversation about my theses among theologians or do you see in my neutral statements, like some of your colleagues, only a renewed, atheistic attack on Christianity?

Furthermore, if your time would allow me to take a closer look at one or the other thesis, be it negative, sceptical or even agreeing, I would be very pleased. …

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