Paul was not a missionary. Wherever he travelled, Christian communities already existed. He was

Patmos, Monastery of St. John
Patmos, Monastery of St. John

a visitor, organiser and theologian. Paul gave structure to the organisation and theology of the Gentile Christian communities that were joyfully full of the gifts of the Spirit, but lacked theology, cultic practices and organisation.

We owe to Paul the Jewish basis of early Christian theology that is reflected in the New Testament.

Paul’s missionary journeys in the Acts of the Apostles are not historical reports; they are a literary composition by Luke who modelled the Acts on Homer’s Odyssey.

The Antioch Incident (Gal. 2) should be interpreted in relation to Jewish propaganda for the Jewish rebellion and should be dated around 60 AD.

The only authentic letters written by Paul are the letters to the church in Rome, the first letter to the Corinthians, the letter to the Galatians, the first letter to the Thessalonians and the private letter to Philemon.

Echte Briefe des Paulus sind nur die Gemeindebriefe an die Römer, der 1. Brief an die Korinther, der Brief an die Galater, der 1. Brief an die Thessalonicher und der private Brief an Philemon.

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