V  10  Other early Christian groups

Many of the rebels referred to both Jesus and Judas the Galilean. These Christians accused the church

EpEphesus, floor mosaic
Ephesus, floor mosaic

under Peter’s successor of betraying the original ideals of a politically active Messiah: Mark 14:66ff par.

The Judas-Christians were not excluded from the church during the unification process until after the failure of the Jewish revolt in 70 AD.

Because the title of Messiah was a ruler’s title, the Herodian princes had first claim to the title. King Agrippa I made efforts to appear to be Jesus’ successor.

If the Jewish revolt of 66-70 AD had been successful, the Jewish victors would have had to offer Agrippa II the crown of the new state.

There are no indications of the Herod family being integrated into early Christianity, in contrast to Old Testament Judaism.

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