Jesus’ death

The situation changed radically at Mt. Gerizim. Jesus was taken prisoner as a rebel by Pilate and was crucified. A dead Messiah

Jerusalem, Temple Mount from the south-west
Jerusalem, Temple Mount from the south-west

is not a Messiah. Jesus had disappointed the followers who had expected an earthly Messiah and an earthly Messianic kingdom. The followers of the Messiah’s journey scattered and returned to their home villages and towns. Because Jesus had no disciples, there was no successor and no one to continue his work.

5.5.5. (=5.2.24)
The end of Jesus’ enemies

Jesus’ opponents were not able to enjoy their victory over the Messiah for long. Pilate and the high priest Caiaphas were removed from their positions in the same year, 36 AD: Ant. 18.4.2f; Emperor Tiberius died on 16 March 37 AD; Antipas was deposed in 39 AD and banished to Gaul, his wife Herodias going with him.

The misfortune of Jesus’ enemies rehabilitated Jesus in his followers’ eyes. They believed that God himself took revenge on Jesus’ enemies for his death.

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