It is important to me to show that Jesus did not tell fairy tales about a better future that would never come, just to cheer up his audience.

Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar)
Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar)

It was Jesus himself who – commissioned by Antipas – invited the poor, the sick and those who may have been slaves and provided them with homes and work (land or building work in the city that was still under construction).

Jesus was not a dreamer. He combined practical politics that developed the economy with clever social policies that gave the poor and destitute tangible advantages and a prospect for the future. We can also assume that Jesus invested part of his own fortune in Tiberias, wealth that he had amassed as governor.

Jesus taught his followers a simple, private piety; the Lord’s prayer in Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels still give us an example of this.

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