V  2   Jesus – the biography

The dominant master narrative about Jesus’ biography states that Jesus was born in 7 BC in Nazareth in Galilee

Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity
Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity

as the eldest son of Joseph, a building labourer and Mary, a housewife. After an encounter with John the Baptist he became an itinerant religious preacher, gathered disciples and gained the reputation for carrying out miraculous healings.

In 30 AD Jesus went with his disciples to Jerusalem to preach there. Due to a misunderstanding, he was accused by Pilate of insurrection against the Romans and crucified. His disciples saw him in visions after his death and reported that he had risen from the dead.

My opinion is presented in the following theses:

Jesus was born in 24 BC. According to John 2:20 and 8:57 Jesus was about 50 years old when the temple had been under construction for 46 years, i.e. 27 AD, so he must have been born in approx. 23 BC.

According to Luke’s chronology, which is usually followed nowadays, John the Baptist became known in the 15th year of Emperor Tiberius’ reign, i.e. in 29 AD, and Jesus soon after that, at which time Jesus was about 30 years old.

According to that information, Jesus would have been born in 1 AD, which is impossible, because he was born at the time of Herod the Great, i.e. in 4 BC at the latest.

Luke and current research link the dates of Jesus’ public appearance with that of John. This synchronicity is a later legend, however; Jesus emerged in public life much earlier than John.

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