IV  5   The prophets

The traditional master narrative about the origins of Old Testament prophecy are closely based upon the Biblical accounts.

Jordan, boat trip
Jordan, boat trip

It states that the prophets were spiritually gifted men in ancient Israel who proclaimed a new concept of God and spoke out against social injustice.

The same objections that were raised above in theses 4.0.2 – 4.0.5. against the pre-Roman origin of Old Testament writings in general also apply to the traditional master narrative in this case.

These are my theses on the origin of Old Testament prophecy:

The Jewish and Israelite written prophets are the equivalent of Roman poet-prophets, the vates. In republican times young aristocrats had served in the army and applied for political positions; under Emperor Augustus’ rule they lost their central function.

Military service was no longer attractive in peacetime and under Emperor Augustus, politics no longer provided real participation in power; it offered purely representative duties.

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